Dan Walters with the Sacramento Bee wrote a piece highlighting the hypocrisy between California State Senate Pro Tem Kevin de Leon’s words and the reality faced by the majority of Californians.

One of his stops, last week, was London, where he spoke to a group of British legislators and business leaders, touting the economic benefits of California’s efforts to curb carbon dioxide emissions.

“We have the world’s seventh largest economy, and we have robust job growth that outpaces the rest of the nation, all while reducing carbon emissions and cleaning up the air we breathe,” de León said, according to a release from his office.

Yet, his fellow Democratic colleague, Eduardo Garcia, who chairs the Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy held a committee hearing where he reported:

“Unfortunately the benefits of this recovery have not reached all areas of the state and only a select segment of the population is sharing in the resulting prosperity. Many other Californians, however, are not thriving and continue to experience significant levels of unemployment, steeply rising housing and higher education costs, and stagnant wages and incomes.”

California’s reality doesn’t match de Leon’s rich lifestyle