Los Angeles: No Trash Day On Rainy Days

The City of Los Angeles is considering not picking up trash on heavy rain days.

The Bureau of Sanitation for the City of Los Angeles believes that by suspending trash pick up on heavy rain days, this could avoid having trash bins knocked over and blocking vital catch basins – potentially causing flooding and damage to basements and vehicles.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

“We’re trying something different,” Adel H. Hagekhalil, assistant director of the Bureau of Sanitation, told the City Council earlier this week.

When residents put their trash bins on the curb, the containers sometimes block storm drains, leaving water to form puddles in low-lying areas or flow down the street. A relatively small amount of fast-moving water can also knock a trash bin over and carry the bin — or its contents — to another location, where it can clog the system and hasten flooding.

Suspending trash pickup would help ensure that there would be less debris on the streets that could cause problems, officials said.

Exactly how long a suspension would last would “really depend on the storm system coming through,” Hutton said. “It might not be [in] every neighborhood.”

No Pick-Ups On Rain Days