The Los Angeles City Council voted to approve paying LAPD officer Dan Gregg, $1 million dollars for the retaliation he received for failing to participate in a traffic quota system.

Hailey Branson-Potts and Emily Alpert Reyes (Los Angeles Times) wrote,

Gregg alleged that his supervisor, Capt. Nancy Lauer, required officers in the division to write a set number of traffic tickets during each shift, establishing a quota system that violated state law. Gregg’s job included assigning other officers’ overtime, and, beginning in 2009, Lauer instructed him to deny overtime to those who did not meet their quotas, according to the lawsuit.

Gregg said in the lawsuit that he was denied a promotion after complaining about the alleged quota system and that one of his supervisors followed him to a doctor’s appointment “in an attempt to find some misconduct so that Lauer could punish [him].”

In 2011, Gregg testified on behalf of two veteran motorcycle officers, Howard Chan and David Benioff, who made similar allegations against Lauer and members of her command staff in a separate lawsuit. A jury awarded Chan and Benioff $2 million combined.

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