A controversial shooting happened last week in Boyle Heights in which LAPD officers, who were wearing body cameras, shot and killed a man that they believe pulled out a gun as he fled the scene. Unfortunately, the body cameras were not on during the incident and it seems as if a body camera being left off by police officers is a bit of a common issue. The Los Angeles Times reports:

Last Saturday’s shooting was at least the second this year in which body cameras worn by LAPD officers weren’t recording when they fired their guns. Since the department launched its ambitious 7,000-camera deployment in August 2015, there have been at least four shootings in which officers didn’t have their cameras on at the time, according to a Times review of LAPD statements and reports.

Many people are asking why the body cameras were not turned on during the encounter and why the body cameras are not being used properly. This issue has caught the attention of the Police Commission, which is trying to find answers and a solution to remedy the issue. The body cameras are used for a reason, which is to provide an unbiased account of what occurs during an officer’s encounter with the civilian population. Hopefully the Police Commission can remedy this problem in a timely manner in order to protect not only the community, but also the officers that have sworn to protect and serve the community.

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