The rising tuition rates have various people and organizations looking for a remedy to provide students with an affordable higher education. The Orange County Register reports:

What is known — absent a literal reversal of fortune for higher education funding — is that tuition hikes are coming for University of California and Cal State University students. The UC Board of Regents voted in January to raise undergraduates’ tuition from $12,630 from $12,294. CSU trustees acted in March to hike undergrads’ tuition from $5,472 to $5,742.

Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, from Sacramento, and Assemblyman Anthony Rendon, from Paramount, introduced their “Degrees Not Debt” plan that would provide money for students to pay for things that go beyond tuition such as living expenses, textbooks and other costs. The plan would require that students pay about $7,500 annually for school and then the plan would help them out with the rest of the non-tuition related college costs. However, the Reclaim California Higher Education Coalition is calling for a raise in taxes to help make college free. Then there are people like Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva, from Buena Park, and State Senator Janet Nguyen, from Fountain Valley, that are calling for a freeze in tuition prices to help alleviate the burden for some students. Hopefully a viable solution can be figured out to fix the cost of higher education.

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