There is some picture controversy surrounding the Trump’s again after the White House released the official portrait of First Lady Melania Trump. The AFP states:

Trump is shown from the waist up, standing with arms crossed, dressed in a black jacket with a black bow around her neck. She’s wearing a very large diamond ring on her left hand, and a more subdued sparkler on her right.

Some people have been praising First Lady Melania’s picture as being gorgeous and beautiful. However, critics have said that the picture looks airbrushed and old fashioned. Melania, who is a former model, is also being criticized for not having moved into the White House yet. Melania has stated that she will move into the White House after her son finishes the school year. Her picture is being criticized for how it looks, rather than a direct criticism of what she is wearing.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s first official White House portrait was also criticized because Michelle wore a sleeveless dress that some believed was too causal.

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