Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s 2017-2018 fiscal year budget plans were announced last week, as previously reported, and some other interesting plans are being considered beyond the homelessness issue. Part of the planned $9.2 billion spending proposal includes interesting items such as sidewalk repairs, LAPD body cameras, and closing a $263 million shortfall. Although the planned budget covers the body camera program, it calls for maintaining the current level of officers, which disappointed the police union. Police union representatives stated that the planned budget is

… A recipe for longer police response times, increasing crime in our neighborhoods and fewer police officers to stem the tide of a 69.5 percent violent crime increase since 2013. It cooks up a whole buffet of feel good rhetoric but at the end of the day, this budget will leave the residents of Los Angeles hungry for leadership to restore safety in our neighborhoods.

$35 million of the budget is planned for street repairs, which is funded by Measure M, and another $31 million is planned for sidewalk repairs. The planned expansion of the Dash bus routes will receive $14 million and the Great Streets program, which will make major corridors more pedestrian friendly and vibrant, will receive $3.6 million.

The proposed budget still needs to be approved by the City Council, which will takes place this week.

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