The University of California has discovered a prescription pain cream scam that affected students covered under the UC’s Student Health Insurance Plan. The scammers convinced students, through fake Facebook ads, to give them their health insurance and medical information under the guise of earning $550 in cash to participate in a study for prescription-grade pain creams. The study was supposedly being conducted by a company called California Clinical Trials, LLC (CCT) and representatives from the company even went to various job fairs and asked students for their health insurance and medical information under the pretext of getting them marketing jobs. UC Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Robin Holmes-Sullivan, stated:

We are also concerned that the defendants appear to have convinced more than 500 students to part with sensitive personal information, which was then abused. For this reason, in addition to pursuing the temporary restraining order, we are arranging identity protection services for all affected individuals.

The scammers were able to steal almost $12 million from the University of California through the bogus medical prescriptions under the students’ names.

It is important to remember to not give your personal information to anyone without doing some research first.

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