The Los Angeles Police Department was well prepared this year for the May Day protests. This was in part due to the LAPD beginning their preparation for the event four months in advance. The LAPD developed relationships with community organizers and they shared their plans with each other, which is for more than the department has done in previous years. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck stated,

We spent a lot more time pre-event than we ever have in the past, and that’s really important.

Overall, the May Day protests this year were, for the most part, peaceful and organized than in previous years. The LAPD was able to meet its goal of not becoming the focal point of the protests and not becoming part of the drama.

Another factor that contributed to a tame gathering was the small amount of people that participated. Authorities estimated that almost 15,000 people participated in downtown Los Angeles, which is a smaller amount of people than last year’s event and much less than the 100,000 that they had anticipated.

It is great that the LAPD was able to effectively control the event and prevent violent clashes, their preparation for the event was essential to effectively doing their job.

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