Last week, President Trump signed an executive order that seeks to allow the expansion of offshore oil and gas drilling. The executive order seeks to rewrite some of the Obama administration’s environmental protection policies. The order requests that the Department of Interior reconsider allowing energy development in previously restricted areas. Richard Charter, who is a senior fellow at a marine conservation group called the Ocean Foundation and who has been battling drilling efforts for decades, stated:

It hasn’t been, really, since the 1980s that we’ve had any realistic threat of new drilling in California, up until now. The Trump administration has really touched a nerve here. The first sound that you’re going to hear is every lawyer who has ever worked on this opening up their briefcase.

President Trump made it clear that the executive order was meant to undo some of the previous administration’s policies and that it would lower energy costs, while creating more jobs for Americans.

We will have to wait and see if the executive order has any direct affect on California’s coastal region.

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