The Tustin Police Department unveiled a new device last week that seems inspired by Batman. The device is called StarChase and it is a three-inch-long GPS-tracking canister that is attached to a patrol car’s front grill and can launch up to 20 feet at fleeing vehicles. The device was created to reduce dangerous police pursuits so that both officers and the public can be protected during a police pursuit. Deputy Chief Paul Garaven stated,

As a department, we are always looking for ways to leverage technology to make policing more effective. In the case of StarChase, we are able to apply technology in mitigating risk for our officers and the community at large.

StarChase is launched by compressed-air and has a tip with an industrial-strength adhesive that helps it stick to vehicles. However, its effectiveness can be affected by dirt or grime on a vehicle and weather related issues such as rain and wind.

It costs $5,000 to install the StarChase system on a car and the GPS darts in the canisters can only be used once, but the company that produces them replaces them for free.

It’s nice to know that law enforcement is looking into technology that can potentially lower injuries and/or prevent casualties.

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