A couple has been charged for shooting pedestrians and other drivers that took place in multiple cities across southeast Los Angeles County that left one person dead and several people wounded. Alejandro Lazo, 21, and Reyna Gomez, 27, are facing one murder charge and 14 counts of attempted murder and are being held in county jail on $16 million bond. The victims were random people that were going about their day. The incidents took place over a three-hour span in the cities of La Mirada, Pico Rivera, and Whittier. L.A. County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Christopher Bergner stated,

These are senseless acts of violence — acts committed on innocent people that were merely enjoying the day, running errands in what they believed was a safe area.

The couple was initially driving a white Kia Rio in Whittier, where they shot at pedestrians, and over an hour later they had stolen a green Nissan Pathfinder from a man in Pico Rivera at gun point. They then made their way back to Whittier where they shot at motorists stopped at a traffic light, but luckily those people were not hit. The couple then made their way down to La Mirada where they shot and hit two motorists in two separate incidents that left the second man that was shot dead. The couple was caught hours later in that same day at a hotel in Santa Fe Springs.

This was a scary day that hopefully will not happen again.

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