As many retail stores continue to close at a rapid pace, many of the jobs that are lost are actually shifting over towards e-commerce. According to Credit Suisse analyst Christian Buss, almost 2,880 retail stores closed nationwide so far in 2017, which is more than double the number of retail stores that closed last year during the same period. E-commerce is creating many warehouse and logistic jobs in the Inland Empire, while various retail store jobs are being lost in the greater Los Angeles area. John Husing, chief economist of the Inland Empire Economic Partnership, states:

Those communities that have logistics facilities are going to see those sectors grow, simply because of the shift that’s occurred from consumers going to the store to going online.

Some of the jobs created by e-commerce tend to pay better than some of the other jobs in the Inland Empire. According to Employment Development Department data, the median wage for retail, restaurant, and other services in the Inland Empire was $14.08 per hour last year. While the median wage for the warehousing, trucking and wholesale trade was $21.85 per hour last year. Hopefully, the people that lose their jobs or have lost their jobs in retail can transition over to jobs in e-commerce.

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