It looks like another fashion trend is starting to make its way across the globe. The fashion in question is a torn up shoe that looks like a dog mauled it. The Maison Margiela Future Destroyed HighTop Sneaker is retailed at $1,425, which is very expensive for a damaged shoe. Yahoo News states,

…They are gleaming throwbacks to Martin Margiela’s deconstructionist work of the 1980s, inspired in part by the work of Rei Kawakubo’s Comme des Garçons.

The non-damaged versions of the shoe retails for only $895, which is also very expensive for one shoe. Footwear News reviewed the shoe and stated,

It’s a far more edgy answer to Golden Goose’s ‘Distressed Superstar Sneakers’ that featured scuff marks, ripped laces and duct-tape reinforcements.

Some people will more than likely buy the destroyed shoe, which will probably be used as a display piece rather than be worn like a conventional shoe.

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