California Attorney General Xavier Becerra wants to go after political nonprofit groups that, according to him, mislead donors and influence campaigns. Becerra stated,

When you come up with these benevolent names for your organizations and what you’re really doing is out there doing politics and political backstabbing, I don’t think most Americans expected that that would be the use of the not-for-profit legal status. The last thing I think most people want to find out is that all these groups that are getting tax breaks because they are not-for-profit are actually going out there and influencing our political system.

Attorney General Becerra did not state specifically which political nonprofits he is planning on examining, but it certainly seems as though he does have some in mind. Apparently, there has been a rise in the number of nonprofit groups that participate in campaigns. Campaign watchdogs are praising Becerra’s planned efforts because they claim that nonprofits are playing a massive role in campaigns. We will have to see what Becerra actually does to curtail the influence that nonprofits play in the political system.

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