Richard Browning is in the Royal Marines Reserves and he has built a functional flight suit that was more than likely inspired by the “Iron Man” suit from the Marvel Comics. Browning has even been nicknamed the “Iron Man of Wiltshire” and he claims that the British military is interested in his suit. According to Browning, a member of the British military had spoken to him and said that the Ministry of Defense has a renewed interest in the idea of a flying soldier suit after seeing his design. Browning had appeared on the TED 2017 conference earlier this year where he showed off his personal flight suit to an amazed crowd. The Telegraph writes,

The suit works using six miniature jet engines, or thrusters, which are attached to a rigid exoskeleton at the back and arms. It takes off vertically and can be controlled by moving the arms, while a display inside the helmet gives updates on fuel consumption.

What inspired Browning to construct the suit? Browning stated,

I did this entirely for the same reason that you might look at a mountain and decide to climb it – for the journey and the challenge.

The Military of Defense has not confirmed the conversation with Browning, but they did state that they were looking for “innovative military solutions” to improve defense. Browning has created a start up called Gravity to market the suit he has named Daedalus. Browning claims that the suit is safer than a motorbike even though the suit is capable of flying at 200 mph. The suit is an innovative concept that is sure to attract many buyers when it goes on sale, which could also apparently include the British Ministry of Defense.

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