Sometime this summer, Santa Ana police will begin to wear body cameras and join several other law enforcement agencies in trying to better protect both the officers and the public. Officials are still in the process of drafting the rules for when the cameras must be turned on, whether the videos will be made public, and what the repercussions will be if an officer does not use the camera. The city council voted 6-0 to approve $1.5 million to purchase 200 Axon Body 2 cameras, five years of data storage, and 400 electric taser guns. The police department hopes to have all investigators, patrol officers, and traffic enforcement officers wearing the cameras by the end of August. Councilman Vicente Sarmiento stated,

I really do see [body cameras] as a mechanism to not only… build trust in the community, and fulfill something that they’ve been looking for, but also to keep our officers safe. It really has so many multi-layered benefits.

The cameras will only save video when the record button is pressed, but the cameras will be able to record 30 seconds prior to the record button being pressed. Each camera will cost the city $4,000, which includes storage, training, and support services. The taser guns will cost the city about $1,700 each. These new cameras should be a great tool for law enforcement to utilize and help them with things such as writing reports.

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