A couple of weeks ago, federal and local law enforcement agents served arrest and search warrants across Los Angeles in an effort to make an impact on MS-13’s power. The pre-dawn sweeps were part of a three-year investigation into the gang and dozens of members and associates of MS-13 were charged with various crimes that include murder. According to acting U.S. Attorney Sandra Brown, warrants were served at over 50 locations, including jails, in search for about 44 people named in the 127-page anti-racketeering indictment. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck stated,

These are criminals. Regardless of their immigration status they are going to go to prison. If they ever get out…their immigration status may become an issue, but it has nothing to do with their arrest today.

According to Police Chief Beck, this was the seventh time that federal, state, and local law enforcement agents have targeted MS-13 directly. Police Chief Beck claims that there are about 800 known MS-13 members in Los Angeles, which is down from about 1,200 known members in the past couple of years. The Trump administrations’ effort to crack down on illegal immigration and violent crime has led to MS-13 being heavily target by the Homeland Security and Justice departments. Hopefully more arrests will be made on MS-13 members and its associates to curb their influence in the United States.

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