Last month, the American Transportation Research Institute released a report that found that Los Angeles County is home to two of the nation’s top 15 truck bottlenecks. It turns out that seven of the nation’s 65 worst truck bottlenecks are in California. According to the report, the 60 Freeway interchange with the 57 Freeway in Diamond Bar ranked fifth on the list and the 710 Freeway at the 105 in the Paramount/Lynwood area ranked 13th on the list. In a statement, California Trucking Assn. CEO Shawn Yadon stated,

California not only is our nation’s most populous state, but with our farms, key ports and border crossings it is our gateway to the world’s markets, making it a key state for the trucking industry. Congestion costs trucking billions of dollars and harms our economy. ATRI’s report makes clear where the biggest issues lie and we urge policymakers to quickly address them with much needed investment.

The rankings are based on GPS data collected from over 800,000 heavy-duty trucks and include an assessment of truck congestion at 300 locations across the nation. Which city was ranked the worst for truck bottlenecks? That spot goes to Atlanta’s “Spaghetti Junction,” which is the interchange of interstates 285 and 85 North. Hopefully one day the bottleneck issue can be fixed and California will not have the distinction of having so many truck bottlenecks in the nation.

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