Some possible good news for the city of Hawthorne, UPS has ordered more Boeing 747s and Hawthorne happens to be the site of Boeing’s fuselage plant. This order also means that Boeing Co.’s famed 747 airplanes will get a slightly longer lease on life in the cargo transport industry. In February, UPS ordered 14 Boeing 747-8 cargo jets to handle the “accelerating demand” for its air transport services. The order comes two years after UPS previously order 14 Boeing 747-8 planes.

According to a statement from UPS, all 28 planes, along with four new Boeing 767 aircraft that were also part of the order in February, will be delivered to UPS by the end of 2022. The 172-foot-long fuselage panels have been produced in Hawthorne since the 747 program began in 1966, when the plant was previously owned by Northrop Corp. Boeing said its production rate for the 747 has remained about one every two months. The fuselage plant is now owned by Triumph Group Inc., an aerospace supplier based in Berwyn, Pa., and the new order means that the plant will remain open, at least until 2022. Hopefully, more companies will place orders for airplanes that will give the Hawthorne plant more work.

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