A start up called Holacode is on a mission to give deportees and returnees coding skills to help them land good-paying jobs as engineers. Holacode is five month long coding bootcamp located in Mexico City and funded by Mexican angel investors. Holacode is modeled after Hack Reactor, which is a San Francisco coding school. The students also learn soft skills, like job interviewing. Scott Yoon, taught at Hack Reactor before joining Holacode, stated,

Here we have to really provide them with support and make sure they don’t fall behind, because if they fall behind, they go out on the street.

The program is free to start, but if the returnees get coding jobs at the end of it, then they pay back the cost of the class. The offices of Holacode look like they’re straight out of Silicon Valley. The inside of the offices are glass-laden, have couches, and there’s even a ping-pong table and beer on tap. The program is a great way for deportees and returnees to try and improve their lives, and the lives of their families, by gaining skills that could lead to a high paying job.

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