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Los Angeles County’s Measure H Sales Tax Imposed this Month

The Measure H quarter-cent sales tax that voters approved in March, in order to help homeless, people officially began on October 1st. According to the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration, Los Angeles County residents in unincorporated areas saw their tax rate increase to 9.5 percent. But the quarter-cent sales tax won’t be imposed in the cities of Compton, La Mirada, Long Beach, Lynwood, Pico Rivera, Santa Monica, and South Gate because the rates there exceed the 10.25 percent maximum tax rate allowed under the law in Los Angeles County, state officials said. State officials stated, If and...

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California Condor makes a Comeback after near Extinction

Three decades after almost being extinct, the California condor is making a comeback in the wild, but constant vigilance is needed to ensure the endangered bird doesn’t reverse course. The California condor is one of the world’s largest birds and the largest bird in North America with a wingspan up to 10 feet. The condor’s population plummeted in the 20th century due to lead poisoning, hunting and habitat destruction. In 1987, wildlife officials captured the last remaining 22 condors and took them to the San Diego and Los Angeles zoos to be protected and bred in captivity. Kelly Sorenson,...

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L.A. County Health Officials Declare Hepatitis A Outbreak

A couple weeks ago, Los Angeles County health officials declared a hepatitis A outbreak, just days after a public health emergency was announced in San Diego County, where at least 16 people have died of the highly contagious virus. Dr. Barbara Ferrer, director of the L.A. County Department of Public Health, states that case numbers are still small in L.A. County, with only 10 people infected as part of the outbreak. That number is relatively small when compared to the almost 450 people have contracted the virus in San Diego. San Diego’s outbreak has already spread to Santa Cruz,...

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Grocery Stores and other Stores are Embracing Online Grocery Shopping

It seems as if an increasing number of Americans are starting to do their grocery shopping online rather than in person at a store. Tech companies including Amazon, Google and Instacart have been teaming up with retailers to expand online grocery shopping to meet the demands of the growing online shoppers. Companies have also been experimenting with ways to make picking up groceries inside the store, or delivery, easier. According to a 2017 study by the Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen, about 23 percent of American households are buying their groceries online. San Francisco resident Allison Howard, who gets...

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The Counties of Los Angeles and Orange are Taking Action due to San Diego’s Hepatitis A Outbreak

San Diego County health officials have been working to combat a hepatitis A outbreak that has killed 16 people and sent nearly 300 to the hospital, which has prompted public health officials in Los Angeles and Orange counties to take steps to prevent the virus from spreading northward. Dr. Sharon Balter, director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s acute communicable disease control program, stated: We are very concerned about an outbreak. The important thing to let people know is that it is very, very important to wash your hands after you go to the bathroom and...

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