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Strike Continues in L.A. and Long Beach Ports

Port truckers continued picketing at the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach in what is expected to be a five-day strike. On Tuesday, about 75 protesters marched through downtown Long Beach in support of the truckers. Truckers are protesting trucking companies’ labor policies and saying that they should be treated as employees rather than as independent contractors so that unions can organize employees easier. The strikers and supporters are calling for Los Angeles and Long Beach city officials to ban companies that utilize the practice from the ports. Barbara Maynard, a Teamster union spokesperson, stated: The...

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The Housing Crisis is the top Legislative Agenda in California this year

California has a housing crisis and there have been more than 130 bills introduced so far this year. Many of these bills are aimed at addressing the state’s housing shortage, lack of affordable housing, and protecting those at risk of losing their homes. One policy advocate estimates that there are currently 89 bills still in the process that deal with housing, which is more than the typical 20 to 40 housing bills that are introduced each year. Anya Lawler, policy advocate for the Los Angeles-based Western Center on Law and Poverty. It has reached the point where it’s hard...

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Los Angeles County Considers Disbanding Mismanaged Child Welfare Donation Unit

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is reviewing how to handle the Children’s Trust Fund Unit after an audit found that inappropriate payments were made, thousands of toys weren’t given out, and most fundraising efforts were ineffective. The Children’s Trust Fund Unit is part of the Department of Children and Family Services and it is tasked with raising money for foster kids’ needs that aren’t covered by other sources such as holiday gifts or summer camp trips. The audit, conducted at the request of department management, found that the unit lacked oversight and disregarded internal controls, which led...

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The high cost of Renting in Los Angeles

According to, rents in Los Angeles are up nearly five percent compared to this time last year. Apartment List collects data from thousands of listings so that people can find the apartment price that is best for them. Apartment List claims that the median cost of a two-bedroom unit in Los Angeles is $2,750, which is the highest it has been since May 2013. Andrew Woo, data scientist at Apartment List, stated, Rising rents are due to demand for apartment outpacing supply, and the lack of starter homes on the market this spring… Families who might have purchased...

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Chinese Caregivers are Suing an Alleged Birth Tourism Center

Caregivers have filed a lawsuit in Orange County against the Xin Xi Du Month Center, a Chinese tourism center, because they claim that they were being paid less than minimum wage and they were forced to work more than 70 hours a week while not being paid overtime. The caregivers allege that they were hired to care for pregnant Chinese woman that travel to the United States to give birth on American soil so that their babies will have U.S. citizenship. According to Sam Wu, an attorney who is representing the caregivers, the tourism center would organize transportation, housing,...

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