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Coffee Shop at Center of Anti-Gentrification Protests in Boyle Heights gets Targeted by Vandals

A small coffee shop called Weird Wave Coffee, which is at the center of multiple anti-gentrification protests in Boyle Heights, was vandalized last month, according to its owners. Footage from surveillance video showed someone, dressed in dark clothing and a dark mask, stepping out of an alley and then quickly using what may be a slingshot to shoot an object at the shop’s logo, which cracked the coffee shop’s glass door. The coffee shop owners are not sure whether the vandalism is associated with the protesters. John Schwarz and Jackson Defa, the owners of the coffee shop, stated: It...

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Californians don’t have to worry about Power Outages

California’s investments, which are in the billions, in new power plants, solar and wind farms, have made the state’s electricity supply network robust. California was once the laughing stock in the nation when it came to electricity supply, but the state now has far more capacity than it did during the energy crisis of 2001. The monthly bills for electricity in California are below the U.S. average, but the amount Californians pay for each kilowatt hour of electricity is among the highest in the nation. Some critics believe that California has too much generation capacity that is an overreaction...

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In Wayne’s World Facts Don’t Matter, It’s All About The Hysteria

South Coast Air Quality Management District Engages in Political Witch Hunt   This past week, the staff of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) showed how some government employees can crush the will of a legitimate small business community through inconclusive and highly speculative information. This community town hall meeting in Compton was a textbook example of how science and facts don’t matter – it’s all about politics and hysteria. When Community-based groups in Paramount and Compton sent me an invitation to attend the AQMD town hall in Compton, I expected to witness how a small group...

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Los Angeles Tow Companies are Refusing to tow Homeless RVs

There are numerous motor homes that have been more visible in Los Angeles over the past couple of years, which are a reflection of the increasing number of homeless people living in motor homes. The increasing number of motor homes has also lead to the increase in people calling tow companies to remove motor homes off the streets. The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority claims that 2,363 people across the city live in the motor homes, which is a 20 percent increase from 2016. Because of the increase in motor homes, there are less tow companies that are willing...

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LAPD Youth Cadet Program Scandal Raises Alarm and Calls for Reform

The Los Angeles Police Department’s cadet program, which enrolls more than 2,000 local youths, recently had a scandal involving cadets, stolen police cars, and illicit sex involving a 15-year-old cadet. Despite this recent scandal, the department’s written manual governing contact between cadets and adults has not been updated in over a decade. The scandal shed some light on deficiencies both in the cadet program and in how the LAPD keeps track of its cars and other equipment. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck has ordered a top-to-bottom review of the cadet program in response to the scandal, which saw former LAPD...

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